Mitsubishi construction equipment parts. Please feel free to contact PartsPod.Kr if you could not find the one that you are looking for. And just let us know the machine model, part name and number(if possible) that you are looking for.

Pump Parts

Machine Model Pump Model Part Number Part Name Unit
K3V180DT 2953802226/27 Cyl Block+V/V Plate(L,R) SET
3853801466 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
2953801840 Ball Guide PC
2943800488 Set Plate PC
51001536B Shoe plate PC
2953801991 Swash Plate PC
2953802062 Spacer PC
2933800890/903 Shaft(F,R) PC
2953802061 Spring PC
NV111DT 38900-12-141 Cyl Block+V/V Plate(L,R) SET
38901-151 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
38800-156 Ball Guide PC
38800-153A Set Plate PC
3880M-212 Swash Plate PC
388020-11G Drive Shaft(F) PC
38G20-113 Drive Shaft(R) PC
38800-158 Shim PC
38800-157 Disc Spring PC
MS180 DP105 40381 CylInder Block PC
40767 Port Plate PC
B40554 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
B40554 Set Plate PC
41096 Ball Guide PC
40458 Shoe plate PC
PPS140 55098 CylInder Block PC
54463/40767 Port Plate PC
51726 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
51726 Set Plate PC
51722 Ball Guide PC
51716 Shoe plate PC
SPK10/10 E65141002 Cylinder Block PC
E65141601/701 Port Plate(F,R) PC
E65140501 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
E65141401 Valve Plate PC
E65140501 Set Plate PC
E65141800 Ball Guide PC
E65140401 Shoe plate PC
E65141401 Bearing Plate PC
E6514101/201 Shaft(F,R) PC
E65142000 Drum Seal PC
E65142301 Axle Shaft PC
E65141800 Spacer PC
SPV10/10 E75140600 Cylinder Block PC
E75142100 Port Plate(F,R) PC
E75140900 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
E75141800 Valve Plate PC
E75140901 Set Plate PC
E75141400 Ball Guide PC
E75140200 Shoe plate PC
E75141800 Bearing Plate PC
E75141600 Drum Seal PC
E65142400 Coil Spring PC
E75141500 Axle Shaft PC
PVD22 C45100497 CylInder Block PC
C45100444 Port Plate(F,R) PC
C45100494 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
C45100495 Set Plate PC
C45100496 Ball Guide PC
C65100122 Shoe Plate PC
C45100484 Bearing Plate PC
C36509809 Coil Spring PC
C3479808 Mechanical Seal PC
MS380 KVC930 KVC930C Cylinder Block PC
9J5758 Valve Plate PC
8J2022 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
0237811 Set Plate PC
0237821 Shoe plate PC
0237802 Swash Plate PC


Swing Motor Parts

Machine Model Motor Model Part Number Part Name Unit
E200B SG08E
1318-168 Cylinder Block PC
1313-171 Valve Plate PC
1321-122 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
1398-150 Set Plate PC
1398-149 Shoe plate PC
7598-031 Friction Plate PC
7598-032  Separation Plate PC