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Piston Ram


Item Description



Piston RAM CIFA ø185 ø185 * 102H  
Piston RAM PM.JJM ø200 ø212 * 198H  
Piston RAM PM.JJM ø230 ø242 * 208H  
Piston RAM Delivery Piston Ass'y Kitø230 ø238 * 205H  
Piston RAM Schwing ø200 ø212 * 212H  
Piston RAM Schwing ø230 ø242 * 212H  
Guide Ring ø200 ø200 * 40T  
Guide Ring ø205 ø228 * 28T  
Guide Ring ø220(Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science) ø220 * 10T  
Guide Ring ø230 ø230 * 40T  
Guide Ring ø230 (Sany) ø230 * 35T  
Guide Ring ø260 ø260 * 40T  
Guide Ring ø260 (Sany) ø260 * 55T  
U-PACKING ø230 (Sany) ø232 * 13T  
U-PACKING ø260 (Sany) ø262 * 13T  
Parts Schwing Sealing Cone ø145 * ø63 * 36T  
Parts Schwing Retarder ø184 * ø180 * 50T  


Piston Seal

Name Item Description Specifications Remarks
Piston Seal FOR WATER PUMP ø125 ø133 * ø125 * 33T  
Piston Seal FOR WATER PUMP ø150 ø155 * ø150 * 40T  
Piston Seal PM. Ø180 ø186 * ø180 * 50T  
Piston Seal PM.JJM ø200 ø208 * ø200 * 50T  
Piston Seal TAIWAN ø223 * ø215 * 50T  
Piston Seal ø220(ZOOMLION HEAVY INDUSTRY SCIENCE) ø225 * ø220 * 50T  
Piston Seal PM. Ø230 AUTOX ø238 * ø230 * 50T  
Piston Seal PM. Ø260 AUTOX ø268 * ø260 * 50T  
Piston Seal PM. Ø280 AUTOX ø288 * ø280 * 50T  
Piston Seal 8" ø211 * ø203 * 27T  
Piston Seal 9" ø240 * ø224 * 36T  
Piston Seal NIIGATA 11FB ø218 * ø210 * 40T  
Piston Seal IHI-100B (SAMSUNG) - lower ø214 * ø200 * 55T  
Piston Seal KYOKUTO PY-21-60 ø235 (MITSUBISHI 21METER) ø235 * ø221 * 36T  
Piston Seal