Arm, Boom, Bucket Seal Kits

The list with part number below is just for an example. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you could not find the one that you are looking for.

Model Item Description Part No Remarks
ARM 707-98-38600  
BOOM 707-98-36100  
BUCKET 707-98-36110  
ARM 707-98-38600  
BOOM 707-99-36200  
BUCKET 707-99-36210  
ARM 707-98-48600  
BOOM 707-98-46200  
BUCKET 707-98-38500  
ARM 707-99-48610  
BOOM 707-98-46270  
BUCKET 707-98-38500  

As you can see the list above the parts numbers are different between Old and New type of excavator. But the model name is same. So you should check the part number and let us know it then you will get some more details with price. Please download the list(Cylinder, Cylinder Seal Kit) and check it.


Model Item Description Part No Remarks
Doosan Daewoo DH028, DH05W, DH07W, DH08, DH10    
S010, S035, S50/5, S130/2/3/5, S170,    
S200, S220/2/3/5, S280, S320,    
S330-3, S360-3, S400-3/5, S450-3,    
S50W3, S70W3, S80W3, S120W, S130W3/5, S200W3/5    
Samsung Volvo MX3LC, MX6LC-2, MX8LC/2, MX10LC/2, MX14-2    
MX452-LC, MX3W, MX6W/2, MX8W/2    
SE245, SE130LC, SE210LC, SE292LC, SE352LC, SE452LC    
Hyundai HX60W/2, HX80W/2, HX100    
R450, R500, R1300LC/2/3, R2000LC/2/3    
R2800KLC, R2900-3, R3200LC3, R3600LC3    
R4200/4500, R4500-3    
Komatsu PC60, PC70, PC120, PC130, PC150    
PC200, PC220, PC280, PC230, PC300, PC310    
PC380, PC400, PC410, PC450    
PC650, PC1000, PC1500, PC1600    
Hitachi UH02, UH025, UH031, UH04, UH045, UH07    
UH081, UH083, UH069, UH10, UH121, UH122, UH12, UH14, UH16    
EX60, EX62, EX100, EX120, EX130, EX150    
EX220, EX270, EX300, EX400, EX700, EX1000, EX1800    
Mitsubishi / CAT MS030, MS035, MS055, MS062, MS070, MS110    
MS120, MS180, MS230, MS280, MS580    
E70B, E120B, E200B, E240B, E300B, E320B, E450B    
REGA311, REGA312, REGA313, REGA322    
REGA325, REGA330, REGA350, REGA375    
CAT320, CAT307SSR, CAT330, MIT312, MIT330B, MIT322B    
Kobelco SK014, SK027, SK032, SK042, SK03N2, SK04N2    
SK045N2, SK09N2, SK10N2, SK12N2, SK16N2, SK60    
SK100, SK120, SK200, SK300, SK310, SK400    
SK450, K903, K904, K905, K907, K909, K914, K916    
HALLA HE360LC, HE280LC, HE220LC, HE130W, HE50W, FH300, FH400    
Kato HD400SEV, HD450SEV, HD700SEV, HD770SEV    
HD800SEV, HD850SEV, HD900SEV, HD1100    
HD1200G, HD1220SEV, HD1800    
Sumitomo S120, S140, S160, S35BJ, S40BJ    
LS280, S250, S340, S400, SH60, SH65, SH75    
SH100, SH120, SH135U, SH200, SH135U, SH200    
SH220, SH300, SH350HD, SH450HD