Doosan Infracore

Doosan construction equipment parts. Please feel free to contact PartsPod.Kr if you could not find the one that you are looking for. And just let us know the machine model, part name and number(if possible) that you are looking for.

Pump Parts

Machine Model Pump Model Part Number Part Name Unit
S130W-3 A8V86 110007029 Cylinder Block PC
110020726 / 279 Valve Plate PC
1100051985 Piston Ring Ass'y SET
1100203746 Ring of Piston PC
1700628477 Set Plate PC
1100072625 Center Pin PC
1100051958 Disc Spring PC
S200W A8V0107
087-4783 Cylinder Block PC
099-5858/65 Valve Plate(F,R) PC
099-5713A Piston Ring Ass'y SET
9T-3475 Ring PC
105-1516 Set Plate PC
9T-3369 Center Pin PC
9T-3368 Disc Spring PC
A8V115ESBR 1100218931 CylInder Block PC
1100029117 (126) Valve Plate(L,R) PC
1100218922 Piston Ring Ass'y SET
  Ring of Piston PC
1700625744 Set Plate PC
1100037439 Center Pin PC
1100038579 Disc Spring PC
S80W-3 A10V43   Cylinder Block PC
  Valve Plate(F,R) PC
  Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
  Set Plate PC
  Ball Guide PC
  Shoe Plate PC
S450(OLD) HPR100 234.320.08.05 Cylinder Block PC
254.324.02.01 / 05 Valve Plate(L,R) SET
234.320.04.25 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
234.320.14.00 Set Plate PC
234.320.14.00 Ball Guide PC
254.323.20.15 Swash Plate PC
256.320.08.05 / 02.06 Cyl Block+V/V Plate SET
256.320.04.05 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
256.320.14.00 Set Plate PC
256.320.14.00 Ball Guide PC
273.323.01 / 05 Drive Shaft PC
DH10 HPV125A 9039894 Cylinder Block PC
3018520 Valve Plate PC
9039895 Piston  Ass'y SET
4061020 Square Bearing PC
DH08 HPV125B 2013674 Cylinder Block PC
9044928 (9037763) Piston  Ass'y SET
2016517 Head Valve PC
3020028 Center Joint Rod PC
4061020 Square Bearing PC
K3V180DT 2953802226 / 27 Cyl Block+V/V Plate SET
HE4D00574 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
53801840 Ball Guide PC
43800488 Set Plate PC
51001536B Shoe plate PC
718422 Swash Plate PC
HE4E00603 Spacer PC
HE4D00691 / 2 Shaft(F,R) PC
HE4E00596 Spring PC
K3V140DT 704527-PH/29-PH Cyl Block+V/V Plate SET
HE2D00304 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
2953801840 Ball Guide PC
294380488 Set Plate PC
51001536B Shoe plate PC
2923800908 Swash Plate PC
2953801841 Spacer PC
2933800890C / 903 Shaft(F,R) PC
2953801842 Spring PC
S220LC/-3 K3V112DT 716776-PH/7-PH Cyl Block+V/V Plate SET
HE2D00298 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
2943801765 Ball Guide PC
2943800463 Set Plate PC
295388003B Shoe plate PC
2953801990 Swash Plate PC
2953801764 Spacer PC
2933800774C / 883B Shaft(F,R) PC
2953801769 Spring PC
K3V63DT 43800428BA Cyl Block + V/V Plate SET
704203A Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
43800424A Set Plate PC
53801625 Ball Guide PC
538001742A Shoe Plate PC
3800732 Swash Plate PC
43800426H Shaft(F) PC
33800889D Shaft(R) PC
53801624 Spacer PC
53801623 Spring PC
NV137DT G35101418 Cyl Block+V/V Plate SET
G35101419 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
G35100241 Ball Guide PC
G35100241 Set Plate PC
G55100259 Swash Plate PC
G55100211 Shaft(F) PC
38100-113G Shaft(R) PC
38A00-157 Spring PC
NV111DT 38900-12-141A Cyl Block+V/V Plate SET
38901-151 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
38800-156 Ball Guide PC
38800-153A Set Plate PC
3880RA36 Swash Plate PC
388020-11G Shaft(F) PC
38G20-113 Shaft(R) PC
38800-157 Spring PC
DH07W NV84DT 00263003A Cyl + V/V Plate(F,R) SET
0263001A Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
0263004 Set Plate PC
0263004 Shoe plate PC
0263005 Swash Plate PC
NV64DT 38500-12-141A Cyl Block+V/V Plate SET
38501-151 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
38500-156 Ball Guide PC
38E00-153 Set Plate PC
3850R-251 Swash Plate(Single) PC
38E0M-212 Swash Plate(Double) PC
38521-111 Shaft(R) PC
38500-157 Spring SET
KVC925 4070145 Cylinder Block PC
0126212 Valve Plate PC
0126205A Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
0100010 Set Plate PC
0100014 Shoe plate PC
0126207 Swash Plate Ass'y PC
0126206 Fix Plate PC
DH16 KVC932 0237801 Cylinder Block PC
0237813 Valve Plate PC
0241405 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
0232311 Set Plate PC
0237821 Shoe plate PC
0237802 Swash Plate PC
S80W NVK45DT 38400-141A Cylinder Block PC
38401-11-151A Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
3840R-313 Valve Plate(F,R) PC
38400-18-153 Set Plate PC
38400-18-156 Ball Guide PC
38400-211 Shoe Plate PC
38420-111G Drive Shaft PC


Swing Motor Parts

Machine Model Motor Model Part Number Part Name Unit
M2X63 3733700472 Cylinder Block PC
3743700472 Valve Plate PC
3753700507 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
3743700471 Set Plate PC
3753700501 Ball Guide PC
3753700499 Shoe Plate PC
3733700471 Drive Shaft  PC
3743700426 Plate Friction PC
3743700435 Plate Steel PC
S220LC-5 M2X120 0425104 Cylinder Block PC
0425112 Valve Plate PC
0425101 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
0425110 Set Plate PC
0425105 Ball Guide PC
0425111 Shoe Plate PC
0425103 Drive Shaft PC
0425119 Friction Plate PC
0425120 Separation Plate PC
M2X150/170 3733700449 Cylinder Block PC
3733700553 Valve Plate PC
HE4A00291 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
3753700454 Ball Guide PC
3743700406 Set Plate PC
3753700492 Shoe Plate PC
3733700398 Drive Shaft  PC
3743700486 Plate Friction PC
3743700415 Plate Steel PC
DH130(OLD) MX173 03083820/380-1 Cyl Block+V/V Plate PC
308601 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
0308603 Set Plate PC
0308603 Ball Guide PC
0308613 Shoe Plate PC
0308628 Drive Shaft PC
SG08E 1318-168 Cylinder Block PC
1313-171 Valve Plate PC
1321-122 Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
1398-150 Set Plate PC
1398-149 Shoe Plate PC
HTM450 4166993C Cylinder Block PC
0212108 Valve Plate PC
4166993P Piston Shoe Ass'y SET
0166334 Fix Plate PC
0166636 Set Plate PC
0166608 Shoe Plate PC